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jij – adversary lyrics


[verse 1]

i keep my glock ready
when it’s time to clock steady
bullets running out
until my haters laid down buried
the dead bodies to they’re f-gget friends
crushing haters, avalanche
tackling bones crackling
i k!lled the beat no accident
this thug thing im p-ssion with
slashing it with the facts i choose to spit
man im ripping it like jeans i couldn’t fit
raps new hooligan
going harder than franky crack rocks
making girls bedrock
freak her until my urge stops
put her in a redbox
now that movie out of stock
the cats stay on my catalog
-n-log, just take pause
camouflage is what the world wearing thats why we lost baby
and i don’t give cr-p
f-ck pepto cause drugs ain’t we’re it at
looking in the mall just for a blonde cadillac
to get a chick with a nice young fresh catty pack

go harder than a moshpit
hit them adversaries til they lost it
go nonsense
cl!ck clack coffin
hear that 12 coughing
spitting like austin
ripping haters without croppin
just bossin
flossing all my haters out
stick it to they head with scotch
lets turn it up
make it loud
lets k!ll them adversaries now! (6x)