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jimmy donn – don’t say lyrics


oh oh, oh oh, yeah yeah

[hook: breana marin]
it don’t mean that i’m in love
(in love)
’cause i still wanna lay around with you all day
(with you all day)
i still wanna make sure that you’re okay
there’s a lot of things runnin’ through my mind that i don’t say
(that i don’t say)
don’t mean i’m
(don’t mean i’m)
it don’t mean that i’m in love
’cause i still wanna lay around with you all day
i still wanna make sure that you’re okay
there’s a lot of things runnin’ through my mind that i don’t say
don’t mean i’m

[verse 1]
baby girl don’t give up
imma do better this time and that’s on me
if that means forever this time girl, then so be it (so be)
tryin escape the past, girl just leave it, so be it
people gonna talk their sh-t but i do not see ’em
how could you let someone get in between us?
they in our business ’cause they want to be us
missing your touch
losing control
i need your love
i need you home
no matter the distance, i’m coming for you
no matter the pain, i know i can get through it
you always trippin’ ’bout sh-t i ain’t do
love is my drug and i’m under the influence

[verse 2]
girl you so stupid
tell me whatchu doin’ and tell me who you doin’
who’s heart do ya think you abusin’
who you think you usin’?
b-tch, you fittin’, b-tch you fittin’ make me lose it
ridin’ around cruisin’
fittin’ come and screw like a pool stick [?] you useless
i don’t wanna talk about a b-tch that got to choosin’
i don’t wanna talk about love cause it’s confusin’


[verse 3: jimmy donn]
i’m too gone to be in love
there’s a time i thought i was
[?] future plans is all i was thinkin’ of
baby i’ve had enough
somehow, life became toxic
fighting over nonsense and i just want to stop this
you don’t want this, i can tell by the looks you make
there’s not enough of xanax and i need to be shook away
every breath i take is pain, you don’t understand
i can’t bounce back on the [?] like a rubber band
[?] best i can with mind race
plus, you didn’t give a d-mn about these demons that i’m facin’
the dreams that i’m chasin’ is what’s keepin’ me alive
it’s one of the last good feelings inside
somewhere in my mind there’s a place i like to hide
where everything is calm and everything is fine
it’s that way by design, it’s my escape
it’s where i keep all the words that i don’t want to say
lock them all up and throw away the key
let the thoughts run free and let me be me
i know you agree, i’m too much for your patience
my mind’s far too busy for relations
constantly sp-cin’, i’m in two places at once and you don’t have to front, this is something you don’t want
got ghosts that haunt me
push come to shove, i’m too damaged and incapable of love


we cannot stop the winter or summer from coming
we cannot stop the spring or fall or make them other than they are
they are gifts from the universe we cannot refuse
but we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives

winter [x4]