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jimmy sandra – game changer freestyle lyrics


winning let the confetti drop
never pump the breaks
my drive won’t let me stop
if you throwing stones
i suggest that you let me rock
or you’ll see the dark side
i got inside of me
like i’m eddie brock

living my calling the celly’s hot
already i’m
blackin out
like i been dressing goth
tell me not
ain’t no compet-tion
all i see is eye, fetty wap
and if there is
you know i got em cornered like the deli spot

ain’t no need to sound the alarm
think you’ll be alright
but you should wonder how if i’m gone
this is me trick
surrounded by mafia i’m 3-6
they all hopping on my wave now
cause what they sea’s sick

p-ss them off now
that’s a flea fl!ck
ya’ll cuff em overnight y’all like a precinct
ya’ll ain’t really nothing
that’s what we think
whole squad full of weak links

i’m doing well now
ya’ll on the same things
i vacate first cl-ss
ya’ll fly coach like away games
ain’t none new gotta maintain
jimmy to the sand
i’m a game changer