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jin – intro the signing (skit) lyrics


[guy #1: executive]
hey jin, buddy, how you doin’?
yo, what’s goin’ on, man?
[guy #1: executive (jin)]
hey boy, what’s poppin’, i’m down (ahh.) uh.hey ahha you know? ok.umm.
did you take a chance to look at the contract?
[guy #1: executive]
yea.we got–we got the contract ready–ready for you to sign today
how we look… today!?
[guy #1: executive]
it’s lookin’ good everything is ready umm.but sure you’re ready to–you gonna be a
ruff ryder now huh? big time stuffer.’ryde or die’.here we go.
i’ve–i’ve been waitin’ my whole life for this’s do this
[guy #1: executive (jin)] you go.sign right here.initial here (mm-hmm) there you go (right here?)
yea.tha–that’s it.
okay.(there you go) you are signed’s–it’s–it’s–it’s a wrap (rap) huh? [laughter]
yea.ryde or
[jin] up yo?
[guy #2]
yo.get his contract man.let me see this
i just signed today yo.ain’t we gonna work on an alb-m right now?

forget your alb-m you know how to fight dawgs?
dawgs–we gonna meet dmx yo?
[guy #2 (guy #3)]
(mmhmm) man.stop playin’ man.we not gonna meet dmx you kno’ how to do donuts?
i wanna be a ruff–donuts? naw…
[guy #2 (jin)]
on a bike you know how to ride a bike. (i’m kinda hungry)
[guy #3]
do you know how to ride a bike? di–di–did you hear him?
[guy #2] got a hawk?
a hawk?.you mean like.birds?

[guy #2 (jin) {guy #2}]
you got a gun?
(naw.a gun?.why would i ne—i rhyme yo.)
here–here take that [gun clicks]
(yo.hold that?)
now don’t point it at me.
{put that sh-t down}
forget your’s over
(it’s gonna go on the alb-m though right?)
( gotta get past lifestyle first.