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jinerik – chitown shaolin shadow boxing iii lyrics


chitown shaolin shadow boxing 3
mannykin skywalker rise

powerful stance, now is not the hour to dance
hands off the mic, man tonight i’m the mans
pander to this kindergarten garden, full of tinder partnered kids
who barter over switching sins for starter packs
basic f-cking forms of rap, i’m sorta stacked
pointing out these h–rds of wack attention wh-r-s who couldn’t handle my liquid sword
in fact, i absorb the lords of past and solar beam it towards a track
i venusaur your aura all the way to aurora and back
hardly even competition, you competent enough to comprehend my argument?
let alone my composition stuff
i’m constructing contraband to constrict esophagus
you’re soft so squish and pause your lips before you cause a problem b-tch
i lay this shit perfect, clear the floor like tetris man
i’m treacherous with a mic, so electrics an
understatement, understand i subjugated verses with lecherous, luscious phrases
nothing phase me. i shun all of you c-nt fugazis

so what’s up mother f-ckers?
i’m mannykin skywalker
i’m a midwest marauder
w-ssup? ay, ay
adhd, um
what’s up mother f-ckers
i’m mannykin skywalker
i’m a midwest marauder
adhd, ay
bring that back one time, huh

i’m jamming to the rites of spring
nice to write the finer things for once
instead of whining in a winery
annihilate the nihilist with nine sips of nyquil
my drug state is still superior to your kind, k!ll
your mind its like the plot to seinfeld
nothing, nada
grab the beat, and the mic, in the booth and go “yada yada yada”
i’m yards ahead, my hand on mics is magic so tada
tata, to you sodomites, go crawl inside a hole and die like saddam
bl–dy h-ll, what we got here? man, somebody help
sanction all the sections that my voice melts like putty, buddy
man i’m stone cold, my ego stuns. i’m awesome
chugging on budweiser, feeling like steve austin
causing caustic b-ll-cks. my words hit like bullets
bull shit you dodged it, i’m a scout sniper, drill sergeant
stand attention while i’m speaking. seeking no lip from the tarded hearted
thinking that i can be beaten, man you must be tweaking partner


20-1-sept. serdna mad nice with it. jinerik