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jj shadow – sweetsoul (pogo “bloom” remix) lyrics


[verse 1]
we never would’ve thought that we could find our dreams
within the melty webs within a soul so sweet
i never would’ve thought that i could find my way
within the moon of a june we go to outer sp+ce
you never would’ve thought that i could take you here
and i hope i always free you to your stratosphere
well we did all those things so erase your fears feel the love in the road that we walk from here
from here
from here
walk with me
have no fear

[verse 2]
as you take the woman’s hand and you feel her palm
you never knew that a spirit could hold you by the arm
and replace your heart with a light in the dark
you found her in a wondrous dream of art
as the angels fly into stars, all that’s left is the love that resides inside us all
inside us all
the sun sets and it’s strange, but beyond all the pain love will find its way
the words fly from your mouth like an angel passing through my house
in forever lands, that’ll bring you home
i hope you know home resides with our souls
within our souls
love is the seed upon the face of golden flowers
love is the talk that always walks the darkest hours
love is the walk that seeps into the memories
love is the friend who never ends the way to be
love is the fight, the strongest passion within a human
love is the child that is freed for the rainbow woman
love is the rainbow that shines to the trees and the sea
love is my family, the universe, you and me

[verse 3]
as you write your hands start to sway, from the tears that run down your face, i say
you’re a ray of sunshine and love is your existence
your smile stuns all the children, bringing people together and separating the worry
changing all of the lights and bringing youth to the glory
so, you raise your paper, writing for the summer
we can live our dreams of wonder