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jkols – lord know lyrics


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i smoked a blunt to get twisted, at the same time, seen a n-gga get his wig split

lord knows my nights are full of mud, pain, and strife. remember got my first

gun, and tried to take my life… i am ballistic

that’s right, i am a f-ck up, if i needed money

for a meal, a store got stuck up. a hustler from the seam. was born black wtf is good luck

g’s dont die a thousand deaths. my n-ggas

lean with me. use to ride for them n-ggas, now they want to see me bleed

thats some real for my -ss, keep my gat by my weed, cuz n-ggas greed, and

won’t hesitate to blast.getting cash young, no time to waist. cause jesus won’t let us last long

asking, the preacher over, visions i see

am i on the right road, yo mama seen, the pain in my eyes. and it was to much to behold

and im really running fast cause satan tryna make me fold. and i can’t go

plus a n-gga dreamed of h-ll since, 7 years old

i pray the day i die, that god holds my soul. to h-ll with h-ll

im just a n-gga from the cold, tryna save my f-cking people

gives no f-cks about the gold… lord knows

i hope they play me from cali to houston cause there are many

youth dying from drugs, hoes, and shootings. struggled myself cause i ain’t tryna

join a gang, dang. found my cousin got da bug

from p-ssy he banged. mane was in the 1st grade when i began to fill my

brain. shame. and was 17 when i first seen some knowledge hang. a n-gga slain, in cold blood gotd-mn in the

street, have you ever ran till you couldn’t feel in yo f-cking feet. h-ll

naw you never did, but me mane, im insane, like lesane hit da floor, cause my

bars be flame. tuck and roll. you never know. yall chasing -ss…. im smoking

gas up in cl-ss, im up stacking cash run up get yo -ss blasted. have yo -ss you

hopping like a mf rabbit. im a tragic, dont f-ck with me have yo -ss in plastic

dont duck with me n-gga, bury yo -ss up in aspin. lord knows im to cold. lord

knows im k!lling most you n-ggas at a dime n 7 years old. im f-cking your

mental, this h-ll for you n-ggas. stop gnashing yo t–th. or you gonna need dental

mane lord knows im that stain in his draws, lord forgive me but im k!lling them

all. ball till i fall, and the paul bearers, bearing a mug, lay me in my bed, only

to rise when you call. lord knows