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j’mally – moma lyrics


[verse 1: j’mal azul]
unh, falling to stay up on her feet
bearing a heavy load placed on her from deceit
by the typical mack who was pimpin
stole her innocence, gave her a lift and left her hiking
yo, down a road of darkness filled with potholes
where the black cats can’t shun potholes
serving as barriers, attempting to bury her
consistently her tenacity’s burrying burriers
but eventually she’s fallen, failing to be resilient
off of the back the result of a misconception to miss-conception is willing
to obey, follow her will and revitalize the odyssey
ignorance bliss, having yet to open his eyes to see
on a road to execution, he then contradicts his path
interacts with two rats in the trap
turning the right way will now be a risk, so he live backwards
but subliminally, the outcome’s the epitome, of what mom been snubbing

[hook: j’mal azul]
lacking illumination by the darkness
while eve by the garden, temptation picks adam

[verse 2: j’mal azul]
fascinated by now his bros who gave him a cane so he’s abled
to get his he and his moms stabled
unh, ash he c-cks back for the first time he’s getting loaded
as he c-cks back for the first time he’s getting loaded
they teach him to rock heads and about the rockheads
while all he really be hearing is dead presidents, them rockheads
is what’ll have moms not stuggling to place on the table a dinner plate
but wait, young black and eating, jake will insinuate
that’s one of the thing his conscience screaming
but he still unconscious, dreaming
in the town where those sleeping get left sleeping
if your eyes aren’t opened, you won’t be blinking
in the midst of a wince cause by an intense twinge of hunger
he gets a glimpse of something prowling
through the window
but he figures its prolly him hallucinating
so he packs heat and goes grab an alleviation
now he’s walking up the street with his destination
being a place where he was a big consumer not a patron
grabs a milk and 2 honey buns while looking at honey’s buns
walk back, open the trap door, in his face was a gun