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joe budden – hate me lyrics


“hate me”

check me out, i fell in love with the hatred
love being hated
ya’ll should already know as much as i state it
n-gg-s ain’t thinkin, drunk or sedated
i could care less i give a f-ck i made it
best in the world, put a blog on your playlist
much that i dated, ya’ll cover parade with
realest to ever do it, hate to interrupt the fake sh-t
if i said it i meant it trust i don’t insinuate sh-t
i turn a deaf ear to the feed back
you come from the bottom, i come from underneath that
ya’ll hit the strip club toss a few g stacks
i invest it and quadruple what i see back
see i’m used to the all black, ski mask
cruise to the louie duffle in elite cl-ss
zero the speed limit i ain’t going no where though, just means they getting no where slow

it’s all in your thoughts if you a janitor mop the floor like a boss
push the ford like a porsche
sell the ounce like a bundle
treat your plain looking girlfriend like a model and the models gonna want you
rock the tee like it’s an exclusive fit
if she give the best head, just act like you used to the sh-t
see i’m good at that
walk like your d-ck is that big, if you slip out make her put it back
why you wanna hate me
i’m in the club so low key that you barely know it’s me
don’t even like rap
in the cars flow is tree i’m like jack b-tterfly more virgins i’m on it like that
ain’t the richest or the flyest best dressed, just the sickest and the nicest, best kept
so when they hate me it’s fun cause i wasn’t even a threat till they made me one

all i did was take a small hood n-body knew about
repped it let the game know something new was out
gave ya’ll my slang what you saying is old
made it cool to be yourself, stop playing the role
stood up to the label said id rather have an opinion than sell my soul and be a minion
majors gave him mad looks, was a nice try we gonna sell the same i just do it off of wifi
when lyrics was in need around you
slaughterhouse was born n-gg- meet the founder
all i did spit like a n-gg- from another world
b-tch was off ? turned into a covergirl
only dumb n-gg-s hate on brilliance
only dudes that won’t last hate on resilience
i’m chilling jsut counting my blessings
i guess in essence i’m asking a rhetorical question