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joe budden – no love lost lyrics


mic check, mic check 1-2 1-2
made a lot of mishaps, lot of mistakes, lot of missteps
grown sh-t though, is when you can recognize that
and i recognize that, and real recognize that
talk to em…

last word, check it, unbeatable force, insurmountable object
bull should’ve known better than counting me out, i’m from the projects
so if i ever do it for greed, indeed something is wrong
prepare for the future, remember i used to get heat from the oven on
they wanted to see budden gone, fiend’d out on sour
but n-body helped put budden on, had to bring my own power so
i’m having a private party, that only myself attends
and if the dj plays the song to my soul, it’ll give itself a cleanse
they telling me all the pain i ever felt was self-infringed
but i had help from friends, one even held the syringe
architect of my own path, i’d like to think it’s designed the best
defied the odds, i never aged while giving time a test
no n-gg-s on house arrest, i’m on a minor rest
you trying to call me or text me, don’t even bother, i’m trying to give mine a rest
i got a treasure but its content is invisible
was filled before with sh-t that i thought i treasured, but made me miserable
my affairs together, here forever, yeah i’m back to work
learned in order to lose love, probably gotta have it first

my life’s a cr-p shoot, my dice are loaded, ain’t no stopping me
most interesting man, a hard place is between a rock and me
i’m torn within, and my eyes are heavy
i’m born again, just means i died already
means i survived already, so f-ck they want with me?
world been against me so long, misery hates my company
isolated my whole life, not many know who joseph is
in order to reciprocate love, you gotta notice it
gotta recognize it, gotta feel it first
gotta be let inside it, feel its hurt and then kneel to its worst
if you contain it, don’t hide it, gotta reveal it first
and when you think you hit rock bottom, gotta feel it worse
or, my rule book is just dated
and for you to truly appreciate it, you gotta at least be hated
mama i made it, if anyone know my way was hard
they prayed for my downfall on deaf ears, i was praying to god
so god, i loved love till it resented me
and if it’s still a stranger, then i love who it pretends to be

no love lost
no love found
they found a little bit though
i don’t know where they found it out, but it was there
so i guess the moral of the story,
is as you mature, so will it
just gotta find it