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joe budden – role reversal lyrics


“role reversal”

[intro – joe budden – talking]
uh, joey!
talk to ’em!
(check this sh-t)
hopin my true motherf-ckers know, realest sh-t i ever wrote
it’s (it’s), it’s (it’s), it’s that on top music!

[verse 1]
check this, i be at the mall
walk up in the store, glance up at the wall
pick out a few kicks
uh, i need 11’s in these, matter of fact while you at it, bring ’em in a size 6
uh, i take shorty’s shoes off, like here try on these j’s, make sure them sh-ts fit
uh, but in my head it gets thick, sayin “joey fall back, ’cause that’s not your kid” (oh!)
i don’t know you little n-gg- (little n-gg-) and plus i got a son of my own
yeah, but he’s at home and the way he’s bein raised, i don’t really condone
nah, ’cause his pops been gone
f-ck it, i’ll explain it to him later when he grown
old enough to have a phone
askin why mommy hate me and he got to sneak to call me when ever he’s alone
so, you wouldn’t know it but i got a soft spot for you
see, we would share the same obstacles
lookin from the outside may seem like you neglect him
but when he slips up and calls me “dad”, i correct him
i protect him
when baby girl start ventin about you, i say “respect him”
and though it seems out of order
my own mistakes have turned me into your biggest supporter
fast forward, you wouldn’t believe
how i could love like mine what i didn’t conceive
tryin to help him reach sh-t that i never achieved
am i doin it for him or is it my own greed?
’cause see, me and my baby moms, we don’t do the conversations
so i’m cramped in the back
two bedroom shack with seven people livin there, just congregatin
so when your child’s with me, i’m over compensatin
i’m talkin eight bedrooms, seven baths
my son thinkin, that’s the sh-t that only heaven has
mines gotta keep it cool, yours get to see the view
white marble around the inground, heated pool
mines got to go to the y
sh-t, yours just got to walk outside
and the funny sh-t (what?), the irony of it all and it’s just sad
is you walked away, yet i’m the step dad
uh, and then you get on skype (on skype), sayin “how you bein, what’s the word?”
and i be in the background listenin like “this motherf-cker here got some nerve”
he says “bye daddy, i love you”
i be wantin to snuff you but wouldn’t have him thinkin less of you
but he’s perceptive (perceptive) and the sh-t’s wild (wild)
he picks up on everything and he’s just a child
so through all my resistance
i’m afraid this two year old can already see the difference (like what?)
he sees you don’t provide when you capable
why we never fix things, while we’re still able to?
so you’re annoyed, kind of hampers me
get my void, i always wanted a family (why?)
just to greet when i get through the door
you gonna have to take the l, i can’t give you yours (oh!)
i’ll do all the work, you ain’t gotta be bothered
you can be his dad, i’ll be his father
i relate though, so i know it hurts
got to be uncomfortable when the roles reversed

i’ve been in your shoes my whole life n-gg-
try these on
i relate though, so i know it hurts
got to be uncomfortable when the roles reversed (oh!)

[outro – joe budden – talking]
uh (talk to ’em)
ya mean?
(i’ve been there)
sh-t can’t feel good
(you wanna see how it feel?)

[sample from “give me more” by keyshia cole]
give me more
give it to me everyday
i need you in every way
oooh, what you do