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joe clarkson – never alone lyrics


i was tryna stay away from jumping on the trend
but we living in alternative when is it gonna end?
it’s a life that we all share, we should never take for granted
corona’s getting worse like it’s a dagger that’s enchanted
now we flashback to the times where everything was in rotation
before china f+cked the world and everybody had ambition
the decade took a plunge and covid+19 had arrived
it’s no longer ‘bout the riches it’s about who would survivе

the globe has been affectеd, the millions infected
hundred thousands f+cking dying yet some people disrespected
all the government advice, for you the rules do not apply?
do you think you’re indestructible when you’re saying goodbye?

you’re putting lives at risk, just because you see your friends
i would rather not see them for months than never f+cking again
it’s a tough f+cking time, stuck in quarantine
it’s the same old everyday like we’re the spoke in a machine
everyday just feels the same, most are struggling to cope
we put our hands together nhs you gave us hope
all our luxuries at risk, everyday i wear a mask
how the f+ck do we get out this hole i hear you f+cking ask

we keep the r down and we’ll be closer to a win
i just wanna go to work and see my friends and fam again
without the mandatory social distancing we gotta keep
breaking all the lockdown rules will only make it steep
even steeper than it is and how it used to be before
now the exercise is unlimited we can stay outdoors
this requires national effort, everybody work together
joining forces as a unit we can f+cking fight forever
i’ll finish up with talking to you all who staying home
keep doing what you doing, promise you’re never alone
it’s hard to occupy yourself when everything’s the same
we have more time than ever to create our walk of fame

stay in contact with your loved ones, check if they’re okay
even ask for help yourself man please don’t lock your thoughts away
if corona’s taught us anything we’re equally important
now i’m not a f+cking tory but for once listen to boris
the quicker that we listen then the quicker we return
to the normal life we dearly miss but here’s a lesson learnt
do your bit to save the people, check on those who may have drifted
just give yourself a vision of the day when this is lifted
then it ends

now reflect upon the times, uncertainty is here to stay
we were locked away like prisoners all day and everyday
second wave, second wave, let’s admit we saw it coming
20,000 daily cases what a mess we are becoming
if we weren’t a state already now we’re staying put
tiers are layed out cross the country covid’s everywhere you look
i wrote half the song in lockdown now i see the devastation
now the second half’s been written during my self+isolation

i have had it up to here, all the mystery and fear
spending time away from work, test results are back and clear
it’s the pandemic that changed me, no point beating round the bush
i’m a better man than ever, all i needed was the push
we will beat the virus, but we all need some assistance
from the lousy f+cking government who are lacking consistence
they go back on statements constantly and expect us to follow?
shut the f+ck up, you’re corrupt and if we lose the battle we know
who’s to blame…