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joel bryant – second quarter lyrics


( four quarters)
( yeah)
hatred on the line
it’s call i just decline
moving on up
you’re girl i just cuffed
silver watches on each wrist
you and her are now a mist
turn the sprinkler on
you’re house is probably too lit
they don’t know my lane
i’m on a new campaign
travel though you’re domain
no need to explain
tension overload
they bout to explode
hanging off a cliff next episode
can you catch a glimpse through my underrated flow
tired of the same sh-t
ima hit a lane switch
these rappers never change
never find a way to elevate
talk about some gucci and some brand-names
drinking champagne
shots on an airplane
y’all are so basic nowadays
create your own stereotype
f-ck that sound cloud sh-t i need stereo-hype
and incase you didn’t notice
this project ain’t got a chorus
and i try to stay humble but dam this flow is gorgeous
i’ve got the sh-t kicked started
like a mountain dew campaign
it’s 4 quarters long and i got two that remain
fans over a label
and i promise that won’t change
don’t wanna be a 3rd party to my own music
i don’t want a third-party to control the uses
can’t think of the right segway
but we’re still gonna make some headway
with that step back cl-ssic
like i’m the second hardaway
clutch mode in the crib, when i’m playing 2k
got my idol playing over the speakers in the background
mr. champagne drizzy
tellin me how to elevate and gain ground
man been on top for a minute
he know how to stay crowned
and believe me i’m going to stay around
mr. there for you
mr. i will f-cking care for you
talk about a throwback
what a great soundtrack
between three and four
fire even in it’s weaker form
second-quarter stretch
throw me the ball so i can go off
endzone drive trust me i’m going to show off
shout out to the ones who never drove off
stayed by my side
made life feel more simplified
i like to share my music it’s honestly never cl-ssified
but never take the credit or i will look at you c-ckeyed
credit is due where credit is due
and if you deserve credit i will publicly praise you
i’ve been working so hard
that it would probably phase you
been working quietly working
building my team and networking man
i been on my sh-t , on the grind
father time slow down the time
slow down my mind , speed up my grind