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johanna samuels – good ship lyrics


[verse 1]
it’s coming along
we both got our limitations
i never asked you to be strong
but you are guilty by -ssociation
and if you feel i’ve asked too much of you well then it’s true
but at least i know i did all i could do

[verse 2]
did i get this wrong
you heard my name and it was an ego blow
you just want to belong do you think you know her
no i don’t think so i thought we had at last agreed this bullsh-t was the past
but go on carry on in a way you like to
cause it’s not that you’re gone
it’s the vacuum that’s been created i knew
i am strong
what we had is unrelated

[verse 3]
how’s it coming along are you taking time to see your new light
are you singing new songs
i said that i’d try not that i’d fight
time does it’s humble best the hardest part of coming west
and i will come around anywhere that i want to
been so long
i’ve been gone
how’s the past being recreated
i know it’s right i know what’s wrong
when my good ship comes it’s cause i waited you don’t want good
you don’t want strong

it’s coming along we both got our limitations