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john bottomley – battle of the trees lyrics


oh woodsman oh woodsman can you spare that tree
thunderbolt flashin’ through the trees
spirit on the lotus by the green oak door of hercules
roebuck in the thicket where the branches braided
in the depths of the forest where the track had faded
blood and hunger in the blackth-rn winter
a rainbow child throwing puppets in the river
a mares nest where the victims cry
i nearly died
shining tear of the sun
with the horses speed we’ll break new ground
starry wheel castle spin
trumpets blowing at the back of the north wind
gleeman freeze by the spiral stairs
chosen one on the poet’s chair
a dark night with the prince of the air
the hunted running scared
sacred cow and the hive of the bee
rowan berry lips sister of the green
a shimmering white light will arouse
by obedience to the wishes of the lady of the house
saints revel by the sheltered creek
haunted men battle for the trees
under the land of the summer stars
lala lira la