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john bucchino – a powerful man lyrics


lovely party!
let’s get us a drink

listen, smarty
don’t tell him what you really think
think of your career
and tell him what you think he wants to hear

my, but you’re taciturn
now, wouldn’t you rather earn
some brownie points saying
the appropriate things?

suck up like a good little guest
praises in order
best to lay it on thick
before the fat lady sings

i advise from first-hand experience
that mighty old egos like his expect to be fluffed
so please un-bite your tongue, sir
and while the night is young, sir
come up with something
or your goose will be stuffed

tell him he’s eloquent
tell him his opinion has meant more to the m-sses
than the prose of gibran
hang on his every word
pretend you have never heard a soul who was wittier
and try not to yawn

i know
you think he’s an imbecile
but one nix from him could k!ll your corporate plan
don’t -ssume i mislead you
don’t you the hand that feeds you
swallow your pride
he’s such a powerful man

yes, you’re choking on every syllable
but you can dish out the bull if anyone can
trust me, this way is better
sure, there are irish setters smarter than him
but he’s a powerful man

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