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john cena – hustle loyalty respect lyrics


[intro: bumpy knuckles]
it’s time
it’s time

[chorus: john cena & bumpy knuckles]
a legend
he never get it

[verse: john cena]
i feel it runnin’ in the air
this moment happens once in a lifetime
my heart’s pumping
adrenaline fight line
right mind, right frame
bright light, brighter game
our time, walk tall
never slip, never fall
bring it all, never quit
see ’em proud, never sit
here it is, do or die
one chance, let it fly
fourth quarter, bottom line
gold water, time to shine
time is mine, believe it, baby
champ is here to heat it, baby
i got an [???]
don’t need no luck, ya lotto
i eat your face like tyson when [???]
this is my chance to shine in front of millions
and cena’s back in the building
deal with it, uh