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joi – freedom lyrics


turn me loose
set me free, from the chains that bind me
let me run to my own direction
let me go
set me free from all this prropaganda and lies
that your peope try to teach me

i know why
you would like to keep me down
because i have all the dibs on you
you try to tell me that my life
ain’t worth a d-mn, but i know much better
and so i’m gonna take my


take it from you
since you won’t give it

all this time, you been tellin’ me these lies
but now i’ve finally figured out your game
thought that i would never wise up
but i showed you what
a black female can do her thang
then i would continue to keep me oppressed
but i ain’t goin’ out like that
all these lies and all this propaganda
that you want me to take, i; m gonna take my

freedom for my body
freedom for my mind
freedom for my spirit

to write what i wanna write
to read what i wanna read
freedom to say what i wanna say
give me all of my freedom

take it back
take it back
all that sh-t that you been doin’ to me, yeah
take it back
’cause now i’m wiser
if you don’t give it i’m gonna take it