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jomie – a day in the simulation lyrics


i bet a lot of people wonder what it’s like to be me
but if i told you, you would probably want to pack up and leave
i’m sorry
things aren’t all that they seem
you gon’ ask me how i’m doing
i’ma lie through my t++th to you
and i know that’s wrong
but it’s how you’ll remember me
i’ve got a head that’s in the clouds
i can’t see what’s ahead of me
play the music so loud
you can hear it in heaven
because i’m leaving right now
and i don’t know what’s next for me
but i’ll see you eventually
when the sky falls down i want you to be next to me
messing up is my specialty
you’re the bеst for me
but i don’t think that you know what’s best for me
causе you live in a world that you let someone create for you
and i bet that you’d say its going great for you
and you know that i’ve been living a lie
but baby, ignorance is bliss
don’t let them take it away from you
i hate to say it but its probably too late for me
or maybe you just have a little more faith in me
i’ve never been the one to put up a fight
but i’m a natural disaster baby no one is safe from me
[love jai]
i won’t put all my baggage onto you
i can’t imagine a life where it’s just us two
i’m missing chemicals inside my brain they f+ck up my mood
don’t wanna be a d+mn burden but it’s all that i do
and i’m so tired of thinking
i’m nothing more than a waste of sp+ce to you
no it’s not fair that you’re in my head again
one second i’m fine and in the next i’m not
just another day inside my simulation
palms itching, bl++dy mouth, and now my heart keep racing
anxiety a b+tch, i don’t wanna do no conversation
i’m screaming to the sky but i lost communication
(lost communication)
(lost communication)
(lost communication)
so i’ll stare outside of my window all again
and i can tell you how it started
but i can’t tell you how it ends
so i’ll stare outside of my window all again
sure i’ll tell you how it started
but i can’t tell you how it ends

aw, cryptic
no one get the message ain’t no duh
don’t fit descriptions
i can never talk in public i just get to glitching
to each his own, find no satisfaction in this dome
so i wonder what i’m fighting for
seeping through the pressure
i could never really get some rest
and ain’t no one as hot as me
i’m burning on the inside, too far gone
someone get me out this matrix
what is there left to prove?
there’s no more saving
got nothing else to lose
that make me dangerous
no one is real girl i hate conversating
i spoke to the devil
he says that he’s waiting for me
i drive blind fold
through twist and turns
someone get me out of here
i gotta get out of here
one false move i’m doomed as reckless
love me now just to dread it in a second
swim through life i’m fine as careless
you were never there, you’re more like an acquaintance
shooting stars
please take me where do you roam
i’m to young to feel this old
it’s all one script and i ain’t sold
i’m pending on a miracle