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jon b – drowning lyrics



standing at the edge of the cliff
looking over the water
there it crossed our minds
how we could fall fall
do u remember the day
u decided to jump and trust
i would follow
u may have hesitated but
i couldn’t let u fall alone
long as were here together
my baby, all my fears have
gone yeah
if every moments breath taking.
take them all

i told u not to fall in love
with me,
but u did now we’re drowning
told u that we would both
fail in
now we’re both swimming
in the deep end
drowning ft our love
there’s nothing we can d0
it happened
there’s no point in trying
to fight it
drowning in our love

the tide is gettng stronger
now ano love wants to pull
us under
our hearts are racing
with the waves let’s
surrender to it all
lookin’ back, there’s nothing
to save
i’ve accepted all that is to come
this love is making tidal waves
neither one of us can run from
long as we’re here together
my baby all our fears have
gone away
if every moments breath taking,
take them all
while everyone else is save at sh-r-
afraid of what we weren’t scared
to explore
as the moon rises
we shift with the tides and i’ll never
let you go
bringin’ us closer to where we
could be
every stream that leads to the sea