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‏‏‎jordanisdead – say goodbye lyrics


[verse: jordanisdead]

they don’t want to say goodbye
they don’t want to say goodbye
they don’t want to say goodbye
you’re feeling hopeless so do i
holding hands until sunrise
they k!ll us if we open
our eyes, so goodnight, and goodbye, no

[verse: jordanisdead]

i say
where were you? when i tear in two
when i stare at you?
shared souls’ on the neuse, this ain’t me, and this ain’t you
ripping pictures, i got blisters
where my lips were, and my wrist hurts
in the burden of your absence
speak my name in past tense
perhaps every syllable is haunting when it echos
your memory won’t let go
in the same way that i won’t
you look away but i don’t
you called me a friend before i ever had those
how could i be lonely, surrounded by these shadows
fighting all these battles
one man infantry versus a whole covenant
do you blame me if i motherf+cking run from it
i’m recovering from suffering, i’ve f+cking had enough of it
your blade desires life, and i don’t have more blood to give