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jordymuzik – end of me lyrics


verse 1: jordy
lord why do i feel like i’ve been here before?
down on the floor, looking for more, because i am bored
i can’t stand this stress anymore i’m down on all fours
this feeling i can’t shake because i don’t know the source
but the force of it all, is causing me to fall
sometimes it feels like i’m roaming down a dark hall
i know that it’s on your name i need to call
but it’s like i hit a wall, so now i have to crawl
on my knees, lord i know that’s where i should be
but i can’t seem to get rid of my greatest enemy
i know that i could shake em off if i reach the end of me
i wish i could just get away from my selfish tendency
you have given me clemency which i know i don’t deserve
my dependency on me is getting on my last nerve
i having trouble with the curve, but your grace will preserve
me until the end, that’s why it’s you that i serve

verse 2: jordy
that last verse was me all the way up in my feelings
but it’s like i’m randy orton with these voices in my head i’m hearing
sometimes i hear cheering and other times they got me fearing
when that loneliness comes around it’s ugly head it’s rearing
bringing me down, i feel like i’m gonna drown
lord i know you wear the crown, so can you please help me out
i’ve talked about this before but i struggle with some doubt
like do i even believe the words coming out of my mouth
when it all starts to sprout it’s like i’m sitting on the fence
got me going back and forth, i’ve never felt so tense
i know what i believe so this don’t make any sense
is there something wrong with me or am i just dense
it is so intense because i’m so confused
i feel so beaten down it feels like i’ve been abused
i fee like everyone is watching my struggle and their amused
but lord i know your watching so your love i can’t refuse