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joseph arthur – i am the mississippi lyrics


i am the mississippi

along the edge of the mississippi
a thousand hearts bleed
my heart looking for something to execute
in the mississippi
up against its current
my heart so alive
submerged in the [?] dark

who could hold me here
who could hold me down
sitting on the edge of the mississippi
river of slaves
river of bones
i have been down here
across generations
a lifetimes ago
i was sold amongst the thieves
i don’t ignore the cries
i hear them

i am conscious along the mississippi
i hear the footsteps of ghosts
i hear them scream behind me
i see their boats sink
rob from always on the run is so bad and copy paste is a sin
but i am very alive
she draws me to her breath
she whispers with her voice
her comfort is all i want or need
alone on sat-rday night
me and the mississippi

two rivers flowing together
flowing internal
a river of darkness
a river of light
blend as one

together against the impossible
ends we face
our lunatic charm
she can never claim me
nor i her
we flow together eternal
we flow together as one

and i am the mississippi