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josh abbott band – fall in love again lyrics


verse 1
i’m sending tulips to where you work
with a note and a bible verse
and an “i love you”, hoping that you still do.
i’m sitting here when you pull in the drive.
i got a hug waiting for you inside
and an “i’m sorry” too, baby i’ve been a fool.

i wanna raise the bar higher.
i want you to feel inspired.
baby tonight, can we fall in love again?
i know i tore your trust apart,
but if you find it in your heart
to let me back in, i know we can…
we can fall in love again.

verse 2
i’ll take you down to san antonio.
we’ll see the river walk and the alamo
and maybe the zoo, just wanna be with you.
take a carriage ride under the stars,
it feels so good to have you in my arms
where you belong, baby it’s been too long.