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josh abbott band – i’ll trust you lyrics


[verse 1]
trust is a funny thing,
never know what it can bring,
but it sure can cause you pain.
i’ve been hurt a time or two,
baby i know so have you
so lets put the past away.

and give this everything we’ve got

baby i’ll trust you in the night
when we’re both wrong, n-body’s right.
let’s agree to disagree.
let’s go slow, let’s go fast,
let’s just make sure we last.
and if you will i will too,
baby i’ll trust you.

[verse 2]
maybe you should let down your guard.
how else am i to get to your heart
and see how you feel?
yeah there’s a chance i could hurt you again.
there’s a chance you’ll let me down.
but its important that we still…