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josh makazo – mascara lyrics


(verse 1)
you been down feeling low
trynna find the things you lost
you don’t got the time to give
you just keep it to yourself
capping everything that you feel
you gotta help me out a bit so tell me how you feel
i can tell youre upset so tell me what’s the deal
you don’t care what time is
see you’re broken feeling sick
you chose to love that feeling
take no love no healing
but you can tell me how you feeling
cause wasn’t i next up
didn’t you need it
you can keep me on sight tho
tell me how you feeling
forget how they feel
no feeling
they breaking deal
i know how u feel
i’m feeling for you
nah this time around
said they want to come through
all that you say all in your time
love the assistance only at night
saying don’t doubt just wait and see
looking back at us surely you’ll see
showing that fit you love to be (someone)
showing that it’s up to me
i wanna know cuz you could be the one
working that back don’t lie you wanna see it done
i see you fronting
but you know you came to see someone
been on that grind
you have no time for fun
tell em don’t waste that love