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jt machinima – sombra vs. spy (overwatch vs. tf2) lyrics


ah, a lady approaches
gentleman, stand down
chivalry is dead, i should know… i k!lled it!
who’s that dressed to the nines
no clue, is that a disguise
with a cl-ssy suit and tie
who will look good at your funeral – spy
it’s time to murder this track
you’ll find a knife in it’s back
got equipment? watch me break it
saw me die, i probably faked it
i’m a man of many faces
infiltrated plenty bases
stole your intel… what a rush
even though there wasn’t much
fight smart and dress clever
have i ever been outcl-ssed – never
i just tried on all of your clothes and guess who wore it better
oh mon dieu sacre bleu
pardonnez moi je fuis en feu
i’m quite the spy and twice the rapper
there’s a problem with my sapper

apagando las luces
turning off the light
i spy a problem… who brought a knife to this gun fight
outdated tech is what your using
sadly, french are best at losing
wonder why i wanted to do this
cause sombra’s an opportunist
what’s the point of having cl-ss
when your always hiding behind a mask
that act ain’t fooling anyone
i hack the planet and everyone
time to get updated
cause your style’s antiquated
i’ll break you like a bad habit
you nasty, cigarette addict
a knife in my back couldn’t find
but, i grafted this into my spine
that’s why you’re always “right behind”
you still dial up to get online
when i’m inside your server lurking
rest -ssured, i’ll be networking
spy should learn to like me
cause i’m his upgraded version

oh, but i’ve been researching
you only cause distraction
disrupt, har-ss, and rattle
i look for bigger targets
then i turn the tide of battle

but, i’m keeping all your secrets
i know all your confidants
when i show you what i know
i’ll watch you choke on your crossiants

-chorus- -sombra & spy-
my victims never see me
until it’s far too late
and when they push up daisies
i’m dancing on their grave
if you wonder when i’m ever gonna stop
i’ll be undercover even when i’m on the clock
call me paparazzi, you’re the one i wanna stalk

threaten me with blackmail
with that, i’ll not be bothered
i’ll sweep your mother off her feet
then, you can call me father
you don’t know cloak and dagger
there’s no download for swagger
no wonder, mothers love me
i got the moves like jagger (i do)
cyber punk get swept aside
have a good old fashion cyanide
all she wants is power
and now her circuits fried
your smg is weak
plus invisibility is cheap
see, i prefer to be incognito
can you keep up with my alter egos
trust n-body, i insist
when a spy is in our midst
i’m a deadringer for everyone
there’s plenty room for twists

so your profession is fashion
n-body does it better?
you’re a longshot from an -ss-ssin
but a competent cross-dresser, ooh
ident-ty theft is bad
but i got one you’ll never hack
when i get close to death i’ll have
my translocator send me back
then, i’ll drop an emp
as if you weren’t already obsolete
got your name and number, r.i.p
to another james bond wanna be
you could never be a dad to me cause
you’d be the kind that would leave
sound familiar? has to be
i scouted out your family tree
that’s right, i pull the strings
who’s on fuego now?
should’ve left yourself a back door
cause your not getting out

you rely on fancy gadgets
that is why i call you halfwit
cl-ss cannot be stolen
nor will you ever hack

sorry, but it’s sombra who will dominate this song
the only reason why… i was a spy all along

wait, wait does that mean we win
oui oui monsieur neus avons gagne
overwatch never stood a chance

au revoir, ma pet-te cheu fleur