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jt the bigga figga – back to tha shit lyrics


[intro/hook: jt the bigga figga]
the g-l-p is throwing shots to you n-ggas domes
c-cking glocks, pulling macs when the funk is on
pack your chrome motherf-cker when you leave home
when you f-cking with them n-ggas from the danger zone

[verse 1: d-moe]
well back on the track is the n-gga d-moeja
sipping on the grand mar’ and puffing on the doja
and everybody know the d dash moe can have you hittin’
cause sh-t that i be spittin’ is fittin’ tighter than a mitten
written in a book by a crook i was locked up
and did so much dirt that i should have been boxed up
gone with the wind but i’m still in the house
giving game from my brain to my motherf-cking mouth
i gives a f-ck i’m sick as f-ck i’m from the y-b-g
now d dash moe is just a factor in the s-f-c
ninety-three, get low be going federal
top notch, motherf-cker on a pedestal
i’m coming tight don’t try to perp and say a n-gga not
because these bullets that me got in me gun is hot
now piggidy-pop, piggidy-pop, piggidy-pop pop
seventeen rounds out a nickel-plated glock
i gets my currency, my capital, my cash flow
i mean my mail, my scratch do you feel me though?
so don’t be stressin’ it’s a lesson from tha youngsta
a playa and a hustla, and can’t f-ck with you bustas
trust a b-tch? never would, never could, gotta stack
got a mac, keep a hoe on her back, pack a nine
on the grind, every time, coming sick
g-l-p in the house getting back to the sh-t

[jt the bigga figga]
well g-l-p is throwing shots to you n-ggas domes
creepin’ through the cuts, flippin’ em up when the funk is on
mr. illiac on the track quite exceptional professional mack
when i’m ’bout to check a fat stack
from the editor, currency a four to five creditor
docked in the back on the gank like the predator
utilize and finalize my mission, chewin’ n-ggas up
when it comes to compet-tion, now they wishin’
that we slip to the flip to the beat to the bone
n-ggas was here but now they gone
the get low p is in the house
poppin’ it on the microphone
my n-gga herm hooked it up for us n-ggas
the young baby boy, d-moe and the figga
just a few young n-ggas from the moe-town
when we pop the sh-t, n-gga cause we throw down
now my n-gga san quinn is about to flow
so let me p-ss the mic and tell them n-ggas about them hoes

[san quinn]
you silly hoes and n-ggas better peep this game
while this game is worth my peepin’
creepin’ through the sucka free
i’m knockin’ fools out, leavin’ ’em sleepin’
cause it’s a daily operation for us to wreck thangs
i’m whippin’ and flippin’, slidin’ and slippin’ through frisco, the hoes sw-ng
from the n-ts-ck, you ready to buck i’m ready to buck back
i’m down for the funk up on the streets or all up in the f-ckin’ rap
i’ll tiggity-tag your -ss fast with this nine millimeter
scared to follow the leader, so with the slug i gotta leave ya
the get low rep from the moe to the point
smoke a blunt and a joint, the young baby boy’s the right choice
when i voice my opinion you better recognize
cause it’s your own f-ckin’ life you might jeopardize
commitin’ crimes i’m droppin’ rhymes and hittin’ the f-ckin’ dank and
i’m f-ckin’ your b-tch and checkin’ my grips and sippin’ on the drank and
i’m gankin’, and gafflin’ and jumpin’ off the f-ckin’ top flo’
i’ll bust a spin and a grin and quinn will get low

[spoken: jt the bigga figga]
nineteen ninety-three, the g-l-p
mackin stackin’ and always stackin’
ready to flip a track and check a fat stack n-gga
coming from the west side of the presidio
jt the bigga figga, san quinn and d-moe
three young n-ggas
three young gs
poppin’ that sh-t with ease, mayne
and we outta here fasho-ly, ya know me?
ha ha

[chorus/outro: jt the bigga figga]
three young n-ggas from the get low
cause we poppin’ that sh-t outta frisco
i say three young n-ggas from the get low
from the get low, from the get low
cause we poppin’ that sh-t on a daily basis
from the get low town cause they tryin’ to take this
game from the gamer, but they cain’t
cause that’s how the sh-t go mayne
three young n-ggas from the get low
cause we poppin’ that sh-t outta frisco
i say three young n-ggas from the get low
from the get low, from the get low