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juice wrld – ​someone lyrics


[intro: juice wrld, shiloh dynasty]
tell me why i’m waiting for someone
that couldn’t give a f-ck about me
like i don’t wanna talk about it, yeah, well look
no, no, you wouldn’t…
taylor ’bout to f-ckin’ flex

i was in the cut with a ak
caught a n-gga lackin’ on the same day
run up in his trap, that’s a vacate
turned his mom house to a danger place
god d-mn, on my danger zone
f-ck your b-tch, that’s why i’m on my own
president, feel like obama on
ks and sh-t, that’s that osama, whoa, ay
ayy, they wonder why i rap like this
i’m off the xans, and the hen, and the gin, d-mn
they wonder why i act like this
and, why i talk my cr-p like this?
yeah, why i tote my strap like this?
yeah, i feel like santa in christmas time
three hoes in my lap, like sh-t
yeah, huh, ayy, they call me the radio
i f-ck yo’ b-tch, that’s yo’ wifey? well i call her a crazy hoe
i got a black b-tch, a white b-tch, a black b-tch, i call that a oreo
i see the future like a fortune teller, they call me a oracle
i feel like jesus, call out to jesus, f-ck her like miracles