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juice wrld – all girls are the same (remix) lyrics


[intro: juice wrld]
they’re rotting my brain, love
these hoes are the same

[verse 1: juice wrld]
i admit it, another ho got me finished
broke my heart, oh no you didn’t
f-ck sippin’, i’ma down a whole bottle
hard liquor, hard truth, can’t swallow
need a bartender, put me out my sorrow
wake up the next day in the monte carlo
with a new woman, tell me she from colorado
and she love women, she’ll be gone by tomorrow
who am i kiddin’?
all this jealousy and agony that i sit in
i’m a jealous boy, really feel like john lennon
i just want real love, guess it’s been a minute
p-ssed off from the way that i don’t fit in, i don’t fit in
tell me what’s the secret to love, i don’t get it
feel like i be runnin’ a race i’m not winnin’
ran into the devil today and she grinnin’

[chorus: juice wrld & lil yachty]
hey, these girls are insane (lil boat)

[verse 2: lil yachty]
shoutout megan, make a n-gga c-m in two seconds
it was all good ’til no one wanted see me with her
janet, shawty head from a different planet
cool as f-ck but i can’t trust a soul, god d-mn it
jasmine, probably taking pictures out in aspen
high school, back in high school, she couldn’t stand me
these girls are the same (they are)
that’s why i f-ck ’em all the same, my brother
drop my top in the rain (skrrt)
no one feels my pain like my brothers
vvs in my veins (ha)
ice cold blood can’t relate to no lover (ha)
please don’t go insane (no)
over these raggedy hoes, my brother (no)
hundred thousand dollars in a rain coat (oh)
n-ggas steady hatin’, call them big joe (budden)
30 karats hangin’ off my pinky toe (pink)
asking all them questions, why you wanna know?
shawty wanted drugs, so i made it snow
walk around, askin’ folks “where the blow?” (lil boat)

[chorus 2: juice wrld with lil yachty]
now i am insane
demons in my brain, love
peace i can’t obtain love
”cause all these girls the same, love
now i am insane (oh, no)
demons in my brain, love
peace i can’t obtain love
’cause all these girls the same, love

[outro: lil yachty]
the same, love
all these hoes the same, love