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juicy j – intro (highly intoxicated) lyrics


[verse 1]
this ain’t a mixtape
b-tch, this a rich tape
nah, it ain’t my birthday, but i got big cake
give a b-tch a shot, she don’t wanna miss a big break
big bank, big frank rollie with the big face
run up too fast, that’ll be a mistake
glock 17 make a n-gg- get his sh-t straight
chrome to the dome, put the d-ck in ya’ b-tch face
rolls royce truck, we just call it the big wraith
hold on hoe, hold on
bring that sh-t back
hold on hoe, hold on hoe
hold on

[verse 2]
three six bentley on that flow sh-t
yo’ new sh-t sound like my old sh-t
ya’ll n-gg-s just like rocks in the ocean
get the hoes twisted, now they wide open
told ya’, i ain’t got time for the bull
my name hold weight
in the street, i got pull
murdered that p-ssy, i’m k!lling ya’ll boys
suicide boys be k!lling ya’ll noise
when it rains it pours
good dope coming out my pores
walk in, buy the whole store
‘member i was poor
oh well, not no more
get paid, f-ck these wh-r-s
used to have to sell that rock
now, we be rockin’ these shows, we all on tours
ball like i handle that rock
come to the crib, hit the b-tch on woodgrain floors

do i really got them bands?
(yeah hoe, yeah hoe)
i want you and all your friends
(yeah hoe, yeah hoe)
can you hop up in this benz?
(yeah hoe, yeah hoe)
make you wanna leave your man
(yeah hoe, yeah hoe, yeah)