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juluka – gunship ghetto lyrics


gunship ghetto — steeleye stiletto
feather pillow dream
crazy boym your sister’s crying
tell me where the h-ll you been
border order prison warder
mortar bomb daughter scream
gunship ghetto — steeleye stiletto
i’m going to where history won’t reach me
to find where time stands still
i need to find some peace of mind
and if you let me in i probably will
speak to the sky, there’s no reply
just the endless empty blue
while deep in the night, there is a fight
hamba madoda! aya hamba madoda
[march away men, the men are marching away]
sodibana pambliyo sodibana phambili yo!
[we will meet up ahead]
paper holder holds a soldier
not yet born to be
but six months older, he’ll be much bolder
see things he’s never seen
i need freedom, just like the next one
but sometimes it doesn’t do
’cause i need you to be there
when i’m troubled
i need to see this thing through with you
behind the barrel of a gun
love and friendship can become
just another point of view
the battle is won but my heart overcome
’cause what is lost of part of you
hamba madoda! aya hamba madoda
i’m just marching away — just marching away
what do you say — i’m just marching away
sebehambile hambile [they have all gone, all gone]
sebehambile hambile
umhlaba unzima sodibana phambile yo!
[the world is a difficult place — we shall meet up ahead]
umhlaba unzima sodibana phambile yo!



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