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juluka – mana lapho lyrics


voices in the air of those gone before sing
“mana lapho” [stand your ground]
there’s nowhere to hide which side you stand on
“mana lapho” [stand your ground]
the time is drawing near, can you hear
“mana lapho”
“mana lapho” we ndoda
can you hear a long sungg sun of freedom
bana manga we ‘ndoda bathu iculo lethu sedifile
[they tell lies oh man for they say our song of freedom is dead]
mana lapho mana la
mana lapho
mana lapho mana hawu tiyoyo loo
mana nans’ indaba isho ngefreedom
[stand your ground for here is a matter
and it speaks of freedom]
i am standing here — you are there
“mana lapho”
in between the lies there lies the truth of what is just
“mana lapho”
in between lies there lies the truth of what is fair
“mana lapho”



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