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jus feat. grover braam – me, myself, & i lyrics


fill my cup so high all these emotions started spilling out
city got so cold but you don’t ever see me chilling now
mentioning my name they know about yeah i been around

up there on the throne that be the only time i’m sitting down
i can’t stand y’all fakes
them boy pump they breaks
shawty make some shake
i’m gon make some cake

dreams of living great
getting tired from the wait
time is all it take
everything we got is straight
speaking things into existence
this right here for all my youth out there that got a vision
this right here for those who speak what’s real and no one listen
you find a diamond in the dirt and it still gonna glisten
hustling is our tradition

they had me mopping the floors
i wasn’t popping before
they wasn’t sure
i said i know i’m the illest
that feeling it come from the core
put me on tour
put my cd in the store
wait ima do it myself
that’s till the death
i keep on k!lling the game till there ain’t n-body left

follow the goal
been on a roll
follow the code
breaking the mold
dripping in gold
losing control
holding my soul
do what you told
you get exposed
fight to the close
nights on the road
that’s all that i know