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justin currie – no, surrender lyrics


big mac’s for the fat
low cal wraps for the call center battery hens
j-panese snacks for the choice-spoilt citizens
caviar kickbacks for the citadel denizens
airport shoeshines servicing the suits among
the little silver stereos and hand-rolled cheroots
first cl-ss p-ssengers file on last
after the sc-m are packed in with their tax-free loot
checkout calamity, you’re cheated out of loyalty points
ten more years at this joint you’d be home and dry
beggars beat ’round the cash machines
but you just slip between them with the usual lie
terrible tales of kidnapped kids keep you focused
on the family and filling up the fridge
neighborhood watchers shop dole dodgers
stick their semis on the market and start racking up the bids
should you stand and fight?
should you die for what you think is right
so your useless contribution will be remembered?
if you’re asking me i say no, surrender, no, surrender
constant growth, the cancerous cure
a swarming race of profiteers ensure
cheap cars for the rich, cheap lives for the poor
cheap weeks in the sun, free drinks at the door
puerile propaganda plugs up the tv
keep folk following the money so they’ll never be free
keep them swallowing the swill, the celebrities, the pedophiles
the immigrants invading from the camp over the hill
war talk, the big debate, foot soldiers in the capital
liberating new kinds of hate
c-m-shots of human dots caught in the spotlight’s glare
he dies who dares
fatuous fast-trackers sneering at the shelf-stackers
little middle-englanders can’t stand the backpackers
fortress freedom, come on in
take your chances, you might win
should you stand and fight?
should you die for what you think is right
so your useless contribution will be remembered?
if you’re asking me i say no, surrender, surrender, surrender
sunset beaches, security patrolled
keep out the undesirables who don’t accept the code
equal opportunity to live in total poverty
execute the ignorant, incarcerate the slow
car caressing managers choking up the avenues
brain dead patriots standing in salute
paperwork raining again and again
so that billionaires can claim there’s an enemy to shoot
pill pushers, door steppers, personal goal shoppers
lifestyle trend setters, meditating mind benders
hare-brained share sellers pumping out stocks
’til you’re choking on a chain-letter avalanche of dross
god squads crawling through every country
tracking down fools who are bullsh-t hungry
blinded by divinity, followers fall into the man-traps
set along the wailing wall
athletes compete in grand charades
while tanks flatten streets and a nation laughs
visa holders gape at the changing guards
while creeps bribe b-ms to take their photographs
film fans flock to the latest schlock
blockbusters block out even the vaguest thought
bankrupt schools grind out fool after fool
then feed them to a system where idiots rule
polling booths, phone votes, bogus questionnaires
you get a say as if anybody cares
joe public doesn’t wanna play
so liquidate his life as he looks the other way
don’t get sick, don’t get wise
or they’ll gut you with a justice where everything is lies
march down main street, complain if you want
but it’s twenty years straight for the losers at the front
if you’re asking me i say no, surrender
if you’re asking me i say no, surrender, surrender
just surrender, just surrender, surrender
just surrender, just surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender