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jacob johnson – memories lyrics

(produced by jacob johnson)

i still got scratches on my knees
red cheeks
cause i barely said please
and im still told
“elbows off the table at a feast”
while mama’s still annoyed because she gotta repeat
i remember when i use to wear overalls
chucks taylors, dc gear
and when mama get a call
im skipping past winter all the way to fall
yea, that family bbq
“jacob got tall!”
and i remember watching
rug rats on nickelodeon
growing up
catching nicholas loading guns
yea, that sh-t was never really fun
funeral week later
he should’ve just run
and i remember when i’d always get in trouble
trouble by the double
sent home because i’d always cause a rumble
or possibly just tumble
talk when the teacher talks like
“you just stepped into a puddle!”


i, remember
all the memories that i had
all the good days and i can’t forget about the bad

- jacob johnson lyrics

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