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jadakiss – u ain’t know lyrics


yo, don’t get yourself hurt over some sh-t that your boy said
you know ‘kiss is harder than the sole on a gore-tex
with a mamí, watching espn deportes
it’s the tre-pound or the .40 on some more lead
bullseye. there’s a nice hole in your forehead
or i’m cold cutting these n-gg-s, like boar’s head
guarantee whenever i spit it, you’re gonna love it
my delivery is strictly offensive, just like the nuggets
and my gear is just as expensive as my luggage
if you try to shoot it high off the gl-ss, i’m gonna rub it
you could whole brick, half of brick, ounce it, or dub it
it don’t matter, ’cause whatever you want, i got it covered
and they coming steady
you know we got them choppers
and we like to dump ’em heavy
out the trunk of the chevy
so if you get it how you live, n-gg-, buy 2
he ain’t got it, they ain’t got it, but i do


- jadakiss lyrics

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