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james mcmurtry – airline agent lyrics


mr. airline agent won’t you understand
i’m a frequent traveler and a patient man
but i’ve been mistreated a time or two
i’ve stood about all i’m gonna stand from you
i got my ticket in my hand just like everybody else
i paid my money in advance so i could use a little help
you’re making such a fuss
you’re holding up the line
just get me on the plane everything will be fine

i gotta go
you gotta get me to the show
quit looking at my hair
just get me in the air

i got a ’52 tele hanging off my back
it fits really easy in the overhead rack
if i was a guy in a suit with a kitchen sink
you’d a’ let me right on
you wouldn’t even a’ blinked
but a guitar you say i gotta check it at the gate
well that isn’t gonna happen get your hand off the case
get your hand off the case unless you wanta lose the arm
get outa my face you won’t come to any harm


mr. airline agent is there something i missed
i’ve never seen anything quite like this
i’m a frequent traveler and i’ve been around
i’ve been roughed up and i’ve been shook down
i guess your supervisor knows about your nasty att-tude
giving me a h-ssle just for something to do
to make you fee like a man
well i’ve had about enough
and i’m going to go postal if you don’t straighten up


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