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jami sieber – mandlovu mind lyrics


suddenly, i am a single mind extended
across an unknown geography,
imprinted, as if by a river, on the moment.
a mind held in unison by a large gray tribe
meandering in reverent concert among trees,
feasting on leaves.
one great eye reflecting blue
from the turn inward
toward the hidden sky.

i am drawn forward by the lattice,
a web of inaudible sound
thrumming and gliding
along the pathways we remember.
i am, we are,
who can distinguish us?
a gathering of souls, hulking and muddied,
large enough? if there is a purpose?
to carry the acc-mulated joy of centuries
walking thus within each other? s
particular knowing and delight.

this is our grace: to be a note
in the exact chord that animates creation.
an ocean of mind moving
forward and back,
outside of any motion
contained within it.
this is particle and wave. how simple!
the merest conversation between us
becoming the essential drone
into which we gladly disappear.
a common music, a singular heavy tread,
ceaselessly carving a path,
for the waters tumbling invisibly

i have always wanted to be with them, with you, so.

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