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jon lajoie – birthday song lyrics


its yout birthday today
what does that mean?
i guess i’ll try to explain
that 5 years ago on this day
it was the first timeyour parents saw your beautiful face
and 9 months before thatmagical day
your dad probably took your mom out on a date
and they were having a good time
they were dancing and grinking wine
happy birthday and when they got home, they were h-rny as h-ll
and your dad threw your mom down on the bed
and he tore her panties off
and his wee wee was hard as a rock
and at this point, your mom wanted to give your dad head
butour dad also wanted to give your mom head
so they formed a 69
and our mom came at least 3 times
and your dad was so excited to get inside your mom
that he forgot to put a condom on
and he realized his mistake
he had ejeculated and it was too late
happy birthday

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