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josh sapenaro – morgan diss lyrics


you can’t sing good
always pretendin that your from the hood,
you aint eazy-e
you can’t front with me
always hangin’ with your homegirl trace
i’m in first place
cause i’m number one
you’re number two
i’m saying you suck
not that your poo
this is my burn
now it’s your turn
to try and diss me
so u can get on mtv
not gonna happen
you ain’t beyonce
you ain’t even close
don’t even play
cause i’ll burn you all night
burn you all day
small like a shrimp
unlike emery’s mouth
talkin’ like morgan’s from the south
but it ain’t true
your as white as rice
i have’nt dissed you once
but i’ve dissed you twice
i know i’m not nice
now it’s your time to roll the dice
but my b-tt is
chyeah, quit your frontin’
or start backin’
no h-m-
going off the top of the dome oh
i’m dunn like kyle
we’ll be going back and forth
just like a trial
now turn the dial
turn it down a some
don’t get mad cuz you can’t get none
not nun like a church
not church like chicken
i’m so pro
you don’t even know
now it’s your turn to go

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