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jourdan jackson – triple crowned lyrics

you look so sweet and fine
yeah! i like to make you mine
i love you!
i’m real, i’m shy!
(vegas stand up!)
you don’t have to!

look, best of the game, top of the league
rap to the sound, never topping the deed
no stopping the g, when i rock to the beat
grind so hard to my cribs on the beach.
to be the best, you gotta beat the best,
so i kill myself on this verse.
no compet-tion, just stop and listen,
your favorite rappers desert!
got your favorite girl on my line,
and she fell in love with my words
if it’s back to rapping, i ain’t never left
only i’m controlling these verbs!
no controversy, see you’re a dime…
and keep me far from that…
i’m the best and you know it, too…
biggie’s small to the ones…
claim god, claim king, claim whatever
to be told i ain’t even on the level
i’m a greatness, so amazing,
…some said i’ll never make it
they pay me to speak.
show time like game of the week
oh dwag, you can’t even speak!
outrun these n-gg-s, outshine these n-gg-s
my life’s so bright, i blind these n-gg-s!
don’t pull me in the same boat
we all rap, but we ain’t clones
they rap for the fame, i rap for the soul
watch how my name blow!

you look so sweet and fine
i like to make you mine
i love you!
i’m real, i’m shy!
you don’t have to!

you ain’t got to be mike
i ain’t got to be c-ck
this is mary … i break stereotypes
stepping into the movie life and no props
and now i ain’t got time to pick with no locks
break through doors, stick the whole lot
rolex, cash, weed, b-tch
i want everything that you’ve got
i run court, most of you watch
i work hard, most of you not
f-ck that crown most of you got
cause when i rose most of you drop
most of you pop, most of you big
most of you not ever gonna do what they did
listen, listen, ever do what they did!
f-ck that!
i’mma get mines regardless,
every time i paint the artist
i got an old school b-tch,
give her ancient knowledge
so the haze got me ever naughty
oh, strap up like…
i wanna f-ck the world, but i hate condoms
oh, i wanna face your target
y’all ain’t about this
i’ve been hot like sixteen ounces
polio, al pacino, certified bully, i’m incognito
holler at rico, mi amigo
hit the streets for thirty scenos
i love money, boy, where is your ego?
slow down, where you go?
ain’t n-body got time for people?
i’mma make you make time for me, though!

you look so sweet and fine
i like to make you mine
i love you!
i’m real, i’m shy!
you don’t have to!

this booth feeling like my corner in the cross fight
i broke the sample’s face with a hook that got the crowd high
rap so fast, this only seem what cameras flash
with an uppercut that’s quicker than a panamera crash.
bring your hands, lie on the dash…
and on these tracks i go to work, black ties around my collar.
after the verse i go to church to mourn this track i murdered
i hope the beat sit on the gates like it’s ibu dalam
bar for bar i’m a problem, and that i know like a profit.
get it? know like a profit, this sh-t be painting me profit
shake up the word like mohamed
ball up for rings like i’m sonic
those rhymes was back to back cause we know all we spit was iconic.
i say these n-gg-s all flowing,
no substance, i spit the control substance
the same one that ruined david…
and i gotta be the toughest (be the toughest)
north town always get it jumping!

you look so sweet and fine
i like to make you mine
i love you!
i’m real, i’m shy!
you don’t have to!

- jourdan jackson lyrics

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