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jrftw – i have been meaning to say lyrics


yeah yeah yeah

d-mn what the h-ll

girls be tweeting bout me
an half of it aint even accurate

cut the sh-t

we both know how you really feel
yeah we both need some time to heal

i aint really even doing sh-t expect for getting f-cking wasted
trying to get over all the time i wasted

like d-mn over four years i would say
every single day in the morning texting you hey

now its all gone
look at what you’ve done

oh now my raps are sh-tty
told me remake the one and you’d get a little freaky

ah what the h-ll
moving on and puling my self outta this well

better girl
yeah she a different one

but time is the only thing i can face to change
change for better

become a happy man

stop being miserable
yeah its possible

even for me
so let me f-cking be

and know i use to love you
but i don’t at all anymore.

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