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judge – bringin’ it down lyrics


i see you on the streets
you hide in your packs
you push and push
and no one pushes back
it’s time you own up
to the things you say
”cause judge is on the move
and we’re starting today
i’m bringin’ it down
this hammer i’ve got
this ignorance has got to be stopped
you want to discriminate
and show your stupidity
against people who are equal
to you and me
if you want a great nation
then we all must be free
and if you won’t wise up
consider judge your enemy
a beer, a joint like a gun at your head
the price that you pay is the blood that you bled
the needle, the track mark, you’re scarred for life
you’re weak and you’re hurt,
and you’re gonna lose this fight
because you drink it and you smoke it
and you say you feel fine
and you snort it and you shoot it
and now it’s melted your mind
i’m bringin’ it down, this hammer i’ve got
this ignorance has got to be stopped
i’m bringin’ it down, the hammer’s me and you
stay off the tracks ”cause judge is coming through

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