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junius – the antediluvian fire lyrics


lightning proclaims, the earth is in flames
violence begins as our gods ascend
thrown on a pyre, its mythos inspired
fading away, the prophet, the sage

god d-mns us to fire, and my lye will wash over you

we’re born into this foul design
we take it with ease, you know it’s not right
the needing to know, it’s a common desire
they’re feigning control, conspire

why deny? you know you feel it
the old erratics, the ghosts in static
you know not, what you call out
more fire, wade out to the gyre

as we roam, a sh-r- is shown
it ushers in the fearless and the meek

don’t you see? we’re searching on sh-r-lines
we’ll stoke the fire, but ignore the tide
it’s failed to rise

look up, the force, the calm, the storm

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