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k jon – will you be there lyrics

will you be there

feels like the walls are close,
everything is broken.
my son, my world, coming down on me
it’s like a dream i can’t wake up from
i keep on running, and wait ’till the morning comes!
maybe tomorrow is different
maybe when i wake up and i see you
it will make a difference!
maybe you’ll save me from drowning,
but you can’t see the tears from all the rain.

i’ve been going through some things
been dealing with some changes
but girl i got one question, will you be there?
when a man sick and tired
and this world is set on fire
after all that’s said and done
will you be there?
will you be there?

sometimes i can’t stop from thinking
used to think that drinking was the answer to me
sinking in my sorrows, an if its a tomorrow
will i be around or consume this swallowed
maybe i go back to the bottom


all alone, i’m so alone, baby
baby i need you here!
..who knows
i said that you’ll be here
i need some paper
you’re my necessity
.. will you be there for me?


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