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k.a.a.n. – float lyrics


well alright
yes lawd, knowledge, at your service
let me set the tone
i’m not down and out
i never have doubts i only have faith
i never have [?] i only give my all
what i present to y’all is like lithium
it’ll get your mind right
if you a little off
i’ve been ten toes since came into this
i’m like a demigod within the demographic
we could make a call for what i’ve cultivated
if you follow me ya live to the life
there’s no dirty sprite within my inspiration
just a fixation on the unattainable
it’s in my reach but man i can’t grasp it
tell em when i speak the speech sound graphic
no leech, ya b-st-rds
i’m a basket case so when you’re about faced with these masquerades
ya gotta let me breathe
as i -ssess the field
these n-gg-s ’bout nothin’ like seinfeld
just a bunch of kramers and product placements
tellin’ lies [?]
you say the sky’s the limit then someone lied to you
i see the bigger picture and the grand scheme
but it’s a larger frame that i view [?]
the room for improvement is a constant problem
never settle for lesser
the flow is oppressive
now watch me press up with the focal pressure
i left it all with my apathy
i need a masterpiece
[?] young michael kors
they don’t orchestrate it with consiglieres
i’m incorporated
re-enact it all, make sure it resonated
long to the soil i got a sweet serenade
young black renegade, step back demonstrate
let me make the case and state the deposition
at a loss for words i mean i truly am
let the beat ride for my train of thought
when that writer’s block sinks in x2


i can tell you what you got with this one
the realism make em stop and listen
talk sh-t for a second then i write back
type with a nice rap
move back, i snap, high step
like a hyph-men [?] on a boom-bats
i get straight to the point, y’all don’t do that
i guess livin’ in the dark is amusing
i digress then i get lost in the music
time for action
i do proceed so i can visualize it like a movie scene
we gon’ flood the market ’til we make it happen
it’s the only choice
we got no options
f-ck all opinions and discriminators
i diseminate and then disintegrate
the indiscriminate, they try to scrutinize and tell elusive lies
they weren’t euthanized
we in the land of snakes
where many serpents lay
you need to watch your step, and proceed with caution
keep your wits about you, head on a swivel
put your blinders up and stare down the middle
i got tunnel vision, never lackin focus
i’m a foreign breed to these famished vultures
i’mma let em starve and self-deprecate
they try to ease the pain and self-medicate
because i came up off of writing truths
screamin who the f-ck is you?
ah, came back when the beat dropped, stay the same they believed that
i never changed i don’t see that
what they selling, i don’t need that
style too pure, you bet your bottom dollar
i can make em fall back like they in autumn
hype as high as the vertical of vince carter
stone cold when i flow
360, pristine, i’m insisting my instincts are cystis [?]
i lays on wax like lips to blistex
i’m lit like incense
i’ve met your intents, so meet all my sins
i’m straight as white lines on track pants
i’m trying to play the field like pac-man
the set like bruce smith, the kicks like bruce lee
but smooth like bruce wayne
my shot kd, the ruggedness in the middle of the summer [?]
let it rain down
step back, hit the three and shut the thing down
if i’m makin an appearance, i make it legendary
give em what they ask for, but never less than
i can transport a transparent piece of art x2