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k camp – new season marni (freestyle) lyrics


what? out of juice, huh?
she the type of freak that turn you up and get loose, huh?
twenty in my pocket, got dior on the boot, huh
runnin’ out of hoes, i know tanzy gon’ recruit some
sticky in the marley, i do shows at ari party (party)
new season marni and my leaf full of barney (barney)
terriyaki salmon with some fried calamari
you ain’t in my bracket, i can’t talk to you, i’m sorry (sorry)
chop, chop, chop, that’s a stick in a party (party)
chop, chop, chop, all my b+tches, that’s r+t+rded (r+t+rded)
let they ass loose, cut ’em off, ho, i’m sorry (sorry)
let they ass loose, cut ’em off, ho, i’m sorry
ass lookin’ fat in that juicy couture (‘ture)
curls for the girls, come and f+ck with your boy (ah)
f+ck with your boy, don’t f+ck over the boy (boy)
catchin’ back+ends, they got shows for the boy
hoes for the boy, they wipe your nose for the boy
score for the boy, let’s up the score on that boy
still loaded, hey (hey), feelin’ dizzy, ayy (hey)
pink fifties, ayy (hey), f+ck with me, hey (hey)
flood the city, hey (hey), pretty kitty, hey (hey)
let a n+gga slide (slide), let a n+gga play (play)
flew the b+tch out to vegas, i ain’t even f+ck (f+ck)
i ain’t pressed for the p+ssy, let me vibe you up (ayy)
never pressed for the p+ssy, let me live you up (let’s go)
i ain’t takin’ nothin’ less, i want five and up (let’s go)
talkin’ ’bout a fifty ball (ball), we was born to ball
he just wanna pop somethin’, fell in love with fentanyl
drinkin’ on some repo, this that casa (yeah)
man, i need a freak ho (where?), at me mi casa
she gon’ cook my tacos and salmon pasta
paper, it’s gon’ stay with me like a locker
you get on my bad side, i’m gon’ block you
i just seen my dad side, what a shocker
know i keep them vibes on, og parker
dawg keep a stick on him, travis barker
dawg keep a stick on him, travis barker