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k michelle – shut up lyrics


shut up

alot of y’all just got done judging me on tv, omg.
i would be lying if i said that i gave a f-ck, but y’all wasn’t in the room, when he f-cked me up.
and stop calling joseline, joe she ain’t a man, but she surely is a hoe.
can’t judge that b-tch, she just wanna be on, karlie redd even la reid son couldn’t put you on
where your boss? where your check? where the f-ck is berry wise at?
when i need ’em, i remember when making it wasn’t easy
you’re barely rapping, barely singing.

i wish i could say shut up
‘less you’ve been through what i’ve been, through i’m a you da.
shut up, r kelly p-ssed the crown on me, i’m the new king of r&b, so shut up.
everybody keep doubting me… you christian’s better, stop judging me, so shut up.
with this jolly rancher in my mouth i mean &, shut up.
shut up, shut up.

in the words of momma dee, ummm in that order, in that order
i ain’t playing with you n-gg-s, out here in these streets
after the king, ain’t nothing you could do for me.
i don’t give a f-ck about no nba team,
when i’m the one they’re putting on that vh1 screen.
you n-gg-s wanna hid it, but when you’re asking for some money,
watch them lames get to running, ’cause they’re broke.
where your boss? where your check? tell me where the f-ck is josh forest at.
music dying, oh, we need ’em, motherf-ckers try to sing and
i wish they would just shut they -ss up,
all you non-singing b-tches, non-rapping n-gg-s
i wish you would just shut up.
’cause if you would been through what i’d been through
you’d go crazy, too.

shut up
i’m feeling like little kim, a real b-tch can never win, no.
i bet you you gonna shut up.

you’re a six-er, but i need a ten
stay your -ss on that bench.