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k-os – rap zealot lyrics


ladies and gentlemen unfortunately
you are been fooled by
by mc zealot
so let us proceed and continue till
yow baby girl ain’t nothin move but the money
best believe when it moves i move b-mmy
not a dummy i learned a lot from my mommy
don’t be a stockbroker with no shares and no sunny
but i got you babe when i rock my teeth i keep it realer
the beat feeler the rap verse 3 dealer
egyptian healer to anexion on be tha
mike glock concealer anti tripplela appealer
adiler adiler vining my chest like magilla gorilla
and what i see is like rihanna with no umbrella
i’m like mandela
did the rapering for these rap fellas
now they jealous cause i’m the real rap fellon
so who you tellin i’m on the phone
straight yelling put my alb-m out
cause i’m the real rap zealots
i’m like medeline when i
miss the stareis like paralox
i’m not a hologram so baby holler back